TTU: Here’s How To Keep Things Running Smoothly In Long Distance Relationships

Hey guys! So it’s been a really tough reason for the on-campus relationship squad. These are not easy times for those in long-distance relationships and not seeing bae for so long is bound to have an effect on both sides however that doesn’t mean you and bae should also put your relationships on lockdown. Here are some key tips on how to keep the flame burning this season.


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Can’t stress enough on this. Talking to your partner is very important. Especially when you can’t see each other. Sending texts, having video calls and other ways of communication are effective tools in building relationships

Open up.

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Some people can’t handle all this long-distance pressure so it’s best if you and your partner talk about the next best thing. Some would want to put the relationship on a hold whole and others would still continue despite being apart. Let your partner know why you don’t want what and what you think you should do about it. Remember that it’s you two against the problem and not each other

Don’t be shy to show some skin.

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A large number of uni students are sexually active but can’t get to do-the-do cause we scared as hell lol. So the next best thing? Send them that sexy picture of you in some eye-pleasing clothing to heat up those hormones. Role-playing? Sexting? Try it and see what they think.

Play games together.

So this image is saying that if your boyfriend plays video games ...

Sound strange but hey there’s nothing technology can’t do right now, well except print real food. If you both use iPhones then it should be easier. If not, I’m sure there are some online games you both can try. Also, you can both download the reading app and read the same books and discuss them. Nothing better than arguing over a good book with your partner.


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