This Is What You Need To Know Before Making Presentations To Management At Work


Making presentations to a CEO or other executives is not unlikely. In fact, if you work in a small company or a startup, it’s bound to happen. A chance to present to these people is something that can affect the future of your career. You should, therefore, prepare adequately. Here are some practices to consider.

Be Clear On What You Are Trying To Accomplish

You should have a point in mind. There should be a tangible outcome that you are trying to achieve. Otherwise, you might waste your chance to put in a request or make a recommendation that you want to. Don’t be afraid to have an opinion. Just make sure that you have solid arguments to back that opinion.

Prepare For Plans To Change

There can be unforeseen obstacles to any presentation. However, for something this important, you can’t allow that to stop you. You might find that you only have 5 minutes to present when you were supposed to have 30. There could even be some technical difficulties. The more innovative you are in tackling whatever challenge pops up, the better the impression that you will make.

Don’t Take A Cancellation Personally

Also, it is a good idea to keep in mind that these people are busy people. Problems may also pop up that they have to deal with. Don’t take a cancellation, or a reschedule personally. In the end, it’s not really about you, so don’t be bothered.

Presentations can be tough. Preparation is the best way to give yourself better odds for success.


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