This Is What It Is Like To Be A Part Of The Roverman Productions Family

We talk to Roverman productions performer Conrad Yemoh about what it is like to be a part of the foremost acting troupe in the country. Being a part of Roverman was a dream that Conrad achieved earlier this year. As a newcomer, he tells us why he feels at home with this family that he has become a part of. I use the word family because according to Conrad, that is exactly what the acting troupe is.

The Family Is Made Up Of Very Different People

The nature of Uncle Ebo Whyte’s plays means that the cast is a very varied collection of people. There are people of all ages and all backgrounds in the company. There are people with doctorates, there are lawyers, teachers and various other practising professionals. However, in spite of the differences in caste of the troupe’s members, they interact as a family would. There aren’t any stiff formalities and everyone meshes together.


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