These Videos Of Father Aboki And Eva Will Keep You Entertained!

One of our favourite things to do right now is watching Father Aboki and Eva Apio on Instagram live.

Eva, a British model is clearly amused and definitely enjoys spending time with Father and for us, we enjoy spending time with them!

These are our favourite videos from them so far!

How it all started…

Eva Apio had a talent show on her IG Live and…that’s how Father Aboki found her. Lol, he joined her live to rap about Coronavirus because he’s a rapper!

And… no words!

Their version of the Don’t Rush challenge. Can you see how much they are enjoying each other’s company???

His liessss lmaoooo!! The day he said Cristiano Ronaldo follows him

And when she told him she had a boyfriend…we were more heartbroken than him! Lmao

When they played “Guess the song” and he didn’t really fail lmao

They are so cute and people are so sure someone is going to fall in love lol.

Follow them on Instagram lol they go live and they keep us entertained!! From Naija and Britain lol (@evssofficial and @Fatherdmw55)


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