My Dream To Act In An Ebo Whyte Play Came True. I’m Conrad Yemoh

When you have dreams about being successful in an artistic field, it can be hard to hold on them. There are a lot of things that will test you on your way to your dream. Conrad had a dream of performing with the Roverman Productions ensemble. Earlier this year, that dream came true. This is his journey to the biggest theatre stage in Ghana.

All It Takes Is A Moment To Inspire A Dream

When Conrad was in JHS, Uncle Ebo Whyte’s plays were subsidized in order to expose school children to the arts. He recalls urging his mother to take him to go see his first play at the National Theatre. It is during that show, that his dream was born. According to him, the way that acting elements, elements of humour and singing, were combined in a single show was nothing short of magical. He stayed for a second show. His dream was sparked on that day.


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