This Is Why You Don’t Hear Back After A Job Application

The most stressful part of job searching is the lack of communication. You’ll apply for positions and you won’t even hear anything back. Above all, you don’t even get the closure that comes with a rejection. Not hearing back about a job that you were interested in is definitely going to suck, but if you know why, maybe it will suck a little less. Here are reasons why you don’t hear back from companies.

You Really Aren’t Qualified

It can be a hard thing to accept. However, sometimes you can’t get a job based on how hard you’re willing to work in the role. Those jobs that require some technical expertise will actually require you to have the expertise. Similarly, some jobs may require more years of experience than you have. You can’t have zero experience in a role and expect to get a job that requires 3 to 5 years of experience. It is a good idea to reach, even when you don’t exactly fit a job description. However, you should set your targets realistically.


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