Meet Micky And Christodia The Two Medlab Students Behind The UHAS Bucket List Challenge

Many thought this lockdown was going to be a boring one but little did we know that these two final year students reading Medical Laboratory Science had something good in store for us.

Michael popularly known as Micky is currently the Most Popular Student with a Purpose on campus a category he won during the recently organised NUGS UHAS EXCELLENCE AWARDS whereas Christodia is a Photo Model who has been featured in several photoshoots on campus.

The two are currently doing their clinical attachment at the Laboratory Department of the Ho Teaching Hospital.

The UHAS BUCKET LIST which was initiated by the duo, consists of several practices on campus by students which include sleeping at lectures, being “bounced” by someone you love, been broke, acted like a deebee, receiving or giving a gift on vals day etc.

A student upon receiving the Basket List is expected to either circle or tick all that he or she has ever practised on campus and post on his or her Whatsapp status.

This has got several students even in this lockdown period trending their practices on the various social media platforms most especially on Whatsapp.

One particular practice which seems to run through is the fact that many students seem to run away from the First Love  People, lol.  Kudos to Micky and Christodia for reducing our boredom in this period.

You can follow them on Instagram @Micky_official1 and @26_khris


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