Your Degree Doesn’t Limit What You Can Do

When we’re going to the university, we pick the courses that we think will make us comfortable in future. Sometimes, we like what we pick. However, it’s not uncommon to pick a course and then realize that your interests lie elsewhere. Sometimes, this discovery even comes after school. The thing is, it is not as hard as you think to switch fields. Here are some tips for switching career fields.

You Can Make The Contacts

One of the most important things, when it comes to getting a job, is knowing some people. Your contacts can be the difference between you even knowing about a job or not. You need to actively build your network in whatever field it is that you are interested in. With how necessary social media has become in all of our lives, it shouldn’t be too hard to start interacting with people in your desired field.

Results Matter More Than Your Degree

Proof that you can actually do the work matters more than a degree in the field. This is why more technical jobs like Graphic Design, Software Development and Photography among others allow people without an educational background in the field to be successful.

You Don’t Need To Go Back To School To Learn

I can not stress this enough. If you want to learn something, even if it is a hireable skill, the internet is your best friend. There are so many free online courses. You should definitely check out Coursera. Their courses are free unless you want a certificate. And they are put together by universities from all over the world.

You Can Focus On Developing The Most Hireable Skills In Your New Field

An advantage of trying to break into a new field is that you can specialize your learning. You can focus on the most essential, or the most hireable skills in that field. For example, in the field of software development, you can pick the coding languages that you want to learn, by figuring out which ones are in high demand. The same applies to other fields. Look at job adverts and determine the skills that companies are looking for.

It’s not worth it to stay in a field that doesn’t excite you. If job-fulfilment is your priority, then you should go where you want to be, even if it takes some work.


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