Working From Home Is Great But There’s Not Enough Time To Do The Work

Well, the number of Coronavirus cases is still increasing. Our lockdown might not end on Sunday. Whatever, the case, working from home is something that we’re currently adapting to. The initial excitement of it has died down. And now we’re realizing that it can be problematic doing our jobs from home. Here are some tips to manage your time so that you don’t fall behind.

Track What You’re Spending Your Time On

Being home means that we have access to all kinds of distractions that pull us away from work. Knowing where exactly your time goes will allow you to better manage it. Most of our time disappears into our phones. In order to keep track of how much time you spend on your phone, and which apps you are in, you can use a screen time tracker. These are apps that will tell you how many times in a day that you unlock your phone, as well as what you end up doing and for how long. You can use Social Fever or My Addictiometer.

Make A To-Do List

A To-Do list can’t make you do your job. What it is going to do is give you some perspective. You will have all the tasks that you need to accomplish in one place. This will enable you to better plan on how to tackle them. For to-do lists, you can get Todoist, Tick Tick (a personal favourite) or Anydo.

Use Evernote To Remember Everything

When you’re working from home you can get a little scatter-brained. You plan to do something and then you forget it entirely because of The Witcher. Anyway, get an app to take your notes. Evernote allows you to record audio, video and photographs into a note. In addition, you can create different notebooks for every category of note.

Time-management is important when you’re working from home. So, don’t run out of time.


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