UEW: Love And GPA; How To Combine Your Relationship With Your Academics

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When you meet someone you vibe with, someone who compliments your swag matches your level of intelligence or you just find attractive, it’s almost inevitable that hearts will crush and a relationship will be born.
But the inevitable truth is that relationships come with some amount of stress and may take more of your time than it should if it’s not well managed.
Never forget something your parents said: “When you go to school learn oooh, have time only for your books”. The responsibility is on you as a young adult to combine your love life and academics without slacking.
We have outlined some ideas you can take into consideration to help you enjoy love and focus on your education.

Go on study dates, this is a simple way of hanging out together without wasting money. The study date should happen in a public place because we all know when you meet in isolation there’s going to be a disaster. You guys can meet at lecture halls, pavilion or summer huts, learn together solve difficult questions and quiz each other. This is a fruitful way to make the relationship profitable to both of you on campus.

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Be progressive partners, you and your partner can talk have a conversation come to a consensus and decide the days you guys can meet and talk or spend time together. You shouldn’t allow your partner to see you every time. As the saying goes absence makes the heart grow fonder. Even though you are dating on campus the primary reason for being in school is to learn and make good grades, make sure you are focused on your books and attend lectures regularly.

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Shun them, if your partner is stressing you out with unnecessary outing and programs you can pull out of the relationship because you can’t risk your 4 years in uni for any other thing. Whether the relationship is leading to marriage or just a help me finish my course something you need to focus on the primary motive of being in school, you can’t afford to waste your parent’s money and graduate with a common pass.

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Relationships are beautiful and fun but if there are no precautionary measures you tend to mess things up or focus and stay on track

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