This Throwback Video Of Asem Mocking Sarkodie Will Make You Say He Deserves The Sark Diss

We have all heard about Sarkodie’s diss track to Asem and Ball J after they both ‘freestyle dissed’ him on social media.

Now after listening to the damaging diss track which Sarkodie calls Sub Zero, lots of people went crazy because “ei charle, why you bore like that?”

Sarkodie sounded like he was angry and as usual Twitter investigators pulled out an old video of Asem, mocking Sarkodie’s huge BET Cypher fail.

Yes, guys, we are talking about the Irish Cream moment that put the nation in a state of mourning.

Asem was known for his Filla tracks at the end of every year. A track that summed up the major events that happened within the year and that year he did not spare Sarkodie at all.

We know it’s old and might not be the reason Sarkodie went crazy over the Sub Zero beat but just look at Asem! So annoying lmao !

Watch the full version of that year’s Filla by Asem here. It wasn’t just Sarkodie he talked about lol:


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