Someone Is Selling The 50 Pesewas Coin For GHS 29 On eBay!!

Ok guys… we know…

The hustle is real and man must eat.

We know most of us are taking on any grind we can find so that we can have our own money.

But this one really blew our minds.

We just found out that someone is selling the current 50 pesewas coin for almost 30 Ghana Cedis on eBay.

Actually it was initially priced at $9 which is GHS 52.34 but the seller is currently giving out a 45% discount.

And no… the GHS 30 does not include shipping cost. If you want the coin shipped to you, then you must pay an additional $15.25 or GHS 89.

So may actually end up paying GHS 118 in exchange for a 50 pesewas coin.

Look… God bless your hustle.


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