Rebecca Naa Dedei Aryeetey: The Illustrious Ga Woman Celebrated On The 50 Pesewas Coin

The history of Ghana is enriched with little known stories of women leading and supporting the charge for independence and self-rule.

We have heard stories of how Yaa Asentewa led a battle against the British army.

Today, we would love to introduce you to Rebecca Naa Dedei Aryeetey also known as Dedei Ashikishan, a CPP financier and a wealthy flour queen.

At age 30, she was the queen of all flour dealers, that’s where the name ‘Ashikishan’ meaning flour in Ga came from. She had gone into flour business immediately after she completed her basic education.

Dedei reportedly became wealth women in a her own right and she used that to support the CPP.

Her home reportedly became an unofficial headquarters for CPP women activities.

She campaigned and funded Nkrumah to win in Ashiedu Keteke, the nerve centre of the Ga-Dangme Confederacy.

Her closeness to Nkrumah and the usual rumours made her a target according to a Facebook post from Abraham Noi Tetteh.

Dedei reportedly died when she was 38 years old from a suspected targeted food poisoning.

It occurred when she accompanied Kwame Nkrumah to a CPP party function in Ho in the Volta Region.

It was there that she was reportedly served some tea and five minutes later she started complaining of stomach pains.

It is believed that her family was told after the 1966 coup that her tea that morning was deliberately poisoned because she knew way too much, she had too much knowledge of top secrets since she was allegedly Dr. Nkrumah’s ‘side chick’.

Perhaps to celebrate her, it is believed that the double-decker buses in Accra that was commonly known as Aunty Dedei were named after her.

The double-decker buses were brought into the country by one Harry Sawyerr.

Besides the 50 Ghana Pesewas, she was also celebrated on a Ghana Post stamp.

She was born in 1924 and she died in 1960.

Women have always been the greatest supporters and leaders of our progress.

Source:||Abraham Noi Tetteh||The GaDagbe

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