KNUST: School Resumes Soon! Here Are Some Steps Management Has Taken To Ensure The Successful Completion Of The 2nd Semester.

Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST)

This lockdown period has been a long and boring one but hey, it seems we might be resuming school soon.

Management of the school has released a communique stating the modules and steps put in place for the completion and continuing of academic work for the semester. Yes, you read that right, school is gonna be back.

First of all, if school resumes we will not go on vacation so we are advised to treat this lockdown period as a summer vacation. On the other hand, E-learning modules are still in place and were officially opened on 4th April 2020.

When it comes to internet allocation, lecturers are said to be provided free internet by some Telcos and nothing has been said about the student populace yet. Hopefully, they will look at that soon.

The communique also gave a speculated time period for the resumption of school activities should the COVID-19 situation improve, i.e. mid-May and the semester will end in July.

Take a look at the full communique below:


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  1. This communiqué is based on condition that ‘if the covid19 situation is improved’, all that is said would be executed.
    What of if the situation is worsen, what happens?
    They should provide information relating to the other side of the situation not one side


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