Add A Touch Of Colour To Your Work Wardrobe With These Red Outfits From Serwaa Amihere

Image via @serwaaamihere on Instagram

People are usually judged by their appearance and as much as this isn’t always fair, it’s the truth on the ground.

Especially in an office environment, you will have to look your very best as subtle changes in your outfit choices will have your colleagues and bosses thinking of you in a different manner.

Yes, you do not have to have a fashion parade in your office everyday (well, depending on the type of workplace you find yourself) but colours do find a way to make you stand out.

A glance through Serwaa Amihere shows the love she has for colours. She manages to look good in all her work-appropriate clothes no matter the colour. One of the colours that keep popping up is red.

She has red outfits in different styles and shades and we are totally in love with how she rocks such a loud colour to work. The red colour has been associated with a number of things including speed, aggression and excitement and it’s no wonder why she loves to wear that colour to work.

Check out some of our favourite red looks from her.


Image via @serwaaamihere on Instagram


Image via @serwaaamihere on Instagram


Image via @serwaaamihere on Instagram


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