5 Reasons Why Guys Lose Interest In Relationships

cheat Shot of a young couple having relationship problems at home

When you ask some people why guys lose interests in relationships, their first answer is, “it’s your fault”.

It’s either you didn’t care enough for him as his mother would or you aren’t pretty enough or you don’t have the body features he wants or you’ve gained too much weight or you talk too much… and the list keeps going on and on and on and on

The truth of the matter is that sometimes, he losing interest really doesn’t have anything to do with you. You aren’t perfect and neither is he but we all choose the people we want to tolerate. It doesn’t have to be your fault.

Here are some of the reasons why guys lose interests in relationships.

  1. Life has become too stressful for him
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Sometimes, it’s not like they’ve lost interest in you entirely, they just have a lot of issues to deal with at that particular time. When the unexpected happens at work, in his family or his personal life, all the time and energy will be placed there in order to solve it. The least you can do is to try and be supportive.


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