Tech Jobs On The Rise: What Is UX/UI Design?

Even though there are no official UI/UX design courses in Ghana right now, the demand for UI/UX designer roles is on the rise. This means that most UI/UX designers in the country are self-taught. Although, since it is a relatively new role, the same is true in other countries. So what is UI/UX design, and who is a user interface or user experience designer? Why are these people so sought after in the tech industry?

What Is UI/UX Design?

At this point in our lives, the world is so digitally dependent that we rely on technology for so many things in our day-to-day activities. Do you need a ride to work? Just open Uber app. Do you need to send some money to your partner? Just open your banking app. Hey, there are even fitness apps that will help you stay in shape. There are websites with templates to help you write your CV. Most things that we can think of, we can get digital assistance with.

As a result of our reliance on technology, there is a need for these apps and websites to be designed in a way that feels good to the user. A UI/UX designer makes sure that a digital product makes sense to the user. The UX designer’s job is to make sure that you are comfortable using an app or a website. You know, how sometimes you get a new app on your phone, and you just understand how everything works? That is because of the user experience designer. They design the experience that gets fleshed out by the app or website developers.

There is so much competition between applications and websites that more and more companies are realizing the importance of a good UX design.


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