Sister Deborah Sends Medikal A Cheeky Happy Birthday Message

Sister Deborah is in petty mode and she most def knows that!

Today, Medikal… and we must add Fella Makafui’s husband… has turned 26.

The musician was once in a much talked about relationship with Sister Deborah.

A relationship that became infamous by the age difference between the two. It is reported that Sister Deborah is about 8 years older.

When the two broke up, it was reported that Medikal cheated with Fella Makafui.

Since then, Medikal has gone ahead to marry Fella Makafui in a traditional wedding – it is reported that a white wedding is in the works.

With today being Medikal’s birthday, Sister Deborah sent a message to him via Twitter and Instagram.

On both platforms, she shared the same photo taken of them in their glory days, as Medikal plants a kiss on her cheek.

She captioned the photo “Happy birthday my sweet ex” with a candy bar emoji.

Her fans were here for it too…

Ok… we stun Sis Derby.


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