#MusicUnboxed: How To Get Your Music/Your Favourite Artiste’s Music Heard!

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If you follow Kuulpeeps.com, you’d know we love great music and because we can’t do without really good music and we love to see talented artistes shine, we have great news for all music lovers!

Kuulpeeps is going to start curating playlists of dope music that is not mainstream.

We are talking songs from Ghana and beyond that are not just about your favourite 5 big artistes that are owning the airwaves (no shade) but instead, artistes doing what they love, sticking to it and churning out good stuff!

We are going to explore the process behind each song we feature, give you all the chance to explore new music and different genres and basically have a good time while you are on lockdown. (It’s not like we will stop after the lockdown and pandemic becomes a thing of the past lol)

Because we cannot do this on our own…Kuulpeeps is asking you to call all your artiste friends to send us an email and you ankasa…which artiste is your favourite right now but isn’t mainstream? Who is owning the alternative music scene and excelling at it?

Let us know! Send an email to [email protected] with links to the songs and let us decide if it is good enough to be featured on our playlist!

It’s not a competition…every song is going to get heard and if it’s dope, you’d definitely hear from us!!

Source: Kuulpeeps.com

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