Kweku Smoke Always Has These Songs On Repeat In His Car

Kweku Smoke in Emergers 2020. Photo Credit:
Kweku Smoke in Emergers 2020. Photo Credit:

We asked Kweku Smoke to create a playlist for his fans during his Emergers 2020 interview and he said even though he loves to play different genres of music with a special love for Drake, if he had to make a playlist for his fans, he’d give them these songs which are currently on repeat anytime he goes for a drive!

Kweku Smoke – Yedin

Kweku Smoke – Time No Dey

Kweku Smoke – Take Me Somewhere

Kweku Smoke – You Dey Talk

Kweku Smoke – Airhu


Watch Why Kweku Smoke Is A New Beacon Of Ghanaian Rap Below:


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