Are You Ready For A Strongman And Yaa Pono Rap Battle?

Yaa Pono and Strongman

Fans of Strongman and Yaa Pono are calling for a rap battle.

Yes, they are bored at home and badly in need of something to cheer on…

But lets’s face it… Strongman and Yaa Pono rap battle will be good for the culture.

Twitter is already setting the stage as the fans continue to make a case for why their artiste will murder the other.

Meanwhile, both Yaa Pono and Strongman have not commented on how their fans are pitching them against each other.

Strongman only said he respects the elderly but he’s never afraid – some consider this as a subtle shade to Yaa Pono.

However, he added that he is focused on his album.

As for Yaa Pono, this social media hype is coming at a great time for him.

His album, called UPNESS is due to be released on April 14 and since the battle convo started online, all he does is tweet about his album.

Who will you support in a rap battle – Yaa Pono or Strongman?


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