5 Steps To Learn UX Design On Your Own. Now Is A Good Time To Start

UX designer is a role whose demand is currently on the rise. However, there are currently no UX/UI design courses in any Ghanaian university’s curriculum. If you want a job in UX design, you have to learn on your own to acquire the skills. It will take some determination, but you can teach yourself from scratch if you have a genuine interest. Here is what it means to be a UX designer and what the job entails.

Decide On Learning Materials

Choosing how to learn depends on you. You might prefer to use some textbooks on the subject. Alternatively, you can also take some online courses.

Textbooks That You Can Use

  • The Shape Of Design by Frank Chimero. This book teaches the principles of designing a product that people will want to use.
  • Digital Behavioral Design by T Dalton Combs. This book will teach you how to design in a way that makes users do what you want within your interface.
  • Pixel Perfect Precision Handbook. This book is a free online guide for beginners.
  • Don’t Make Me Think by Steve Krug. This book teaches how to create designs that make sense to real people
  • Fundamental UI Design. This book teaches how to create beautiful and intuitive app designs.


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