Twitter Owns Captain Planet 4X4 After He Questioned How 31 Coronavirus Patients Recovered

We must admit that all of us lack some amount of knowledge about coronavirus and how to treat it.

Even the scientist whose job it is to understand this virus don’t have a clear answer of how best to treat those who contract it.

Most health facilities are using experimental medication and are mostly treating the symptoms hoping that the immune system will be strong enough to fight the virus.

But in acknowledging of one’s shortfall in knowledge, one must be guided in asking questions.

Curious musician, Captain Planet of the 4X4 fame took to Twitter to ask how Ghana has recorded recovery cases though the Food and Drugs Authority has not approved medication to coronavirus.

“Currently no FDA approved products against COVID-19. So how did 31 patients with COVID-19 recover in Ghana?” he asked in a now-deleted tweet.

Some Twitter users felt he was not genuinely asking a question and that his ‘question’ was actual lying implying that the government was lying about the recovered cases.

Then Twitter users started to own him and corrected him.

Captain Planet came back to admit that he has been educated about it… Now can boys let it go…

Most of us have also proven ignorant about coronavirus one way or the other.


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