Nxwrth: The Young Music Producer Breaking Away From The Norm And Excelling

Nxwrth in Emergers 2020. Photo Credit: Kuulpeeps.com
Nxwrth in Emergers 2020. Photo Credit: Kuulpeeps.com

Ahmed Froko started to get curious about music and how it was made when he was in SOS. It was his curiosity to find out how music is made that led him to join his school’s band in Queensland International School where he played the side drums. 

But his inspiration to do more came from seeing Richie of Lynx entertainment own the music scene with the crank style of music

“At the time I was like if this guy is able to bring something new, I felt I should be able to do the same”

Nxwrth//Emergers 2020

Armed with this motivation, he downloaded all the software he needed and took to YouTube to learn most of what he needed to start what he didn’t know will be the beginning of his greatness as a music producer.

After Senior High School, Nxwrth had dreams of going to a music school but, unfortunately, he couldn’t find one in Ghana that will help make his passion even more viable so he went on to Radford University where he chose to study Graphic Designing just because he wanted to be able to design his own artwork for his music.

But, it was in Radford that he first had his big break: The La Meme Tape. Nxwrth was already with the La Meme Gang members, working on music together and, dropping their first tape came with a response that kickstarted the group’s career as a gang into motion.

“The La Meme Tape blew when I was still in Radford. All the attention from people…I honestly couldn’t balance the attention from everyone, my studies and the music. It was weird. Too much attention, too much pressure. Everyone’s looking at you.”

So, he dropped out of school to do the only thing he wanted to do: Music.

Nxwrth//Emergers 2020

“I felt the three years in Radford was enough for me to learn everything I needed to learn in Graphic Design so I dropped out of school to focus. At the end of the day, I just wanted to do music!”

Nxwrth considers himself a visionary and believes that every producer should learn to express themselves through their beats and not stick to one sound.

“I don’t want to do something I’ve already done. I always envision how to make new sounds. I honestly never knew how to make afrobeats until I met Kuvie and… he taught me”

In as much as Nxwrth is working on his sound and hoping to score movie deals sometime soon, he feels the only thing that was slowing him down was the system. The Ghanaian music system where producers aren’t seen or heard and barely get paid.

“The top artistes aren’t paying for beats and unfortunately that’s the culture”

He added that it is because of this culture that’s led what he calls the new wave of producers to start putting their voice on records.

For him, joining this new wave of producers started as a joke:

“I call myself Froy3. Why will anyone take someone called Froy3 seriously lol but I had people telling me to stop singing and I figured…why you for tell me to stop? So I decided to take it up!”

Nxwrth//Emergers 2020

Nxwrth currently has an album, NASA and has already dropped a free EP, Rage Into The Good Night to give fans a look at the new Nxwrth 2.0.

Influenced greatly by Kuvie and Kauai and achieving his goals through determination and discipline instilled in him by his mum, Nxwrth is ready to take over the music scene with his unique sound!

“I have big goals. I am achieving some…Studying Richie… I promised myself I will change the sound and I’m doing it. That’s one goal done”

Watch Nxwrth, The Young Visionary Music Producer & La Meme Gang Member Talk About Breaking The Norm Below:

Source: Kuulpeeps.com

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