It’s Okay If You Can’t Answer A Question In An Interview. This Is What To Do

Don’t Lose Your Composure

When you are asked a question that you don’t think you can answer, it’s important that you don’t get flustered. Maintaining an air of confidence will show your interviewer that you not being able to answer a question is not something that happens often. If you panic and show obvious signs of losing confidence, your interviewer will also lose confidence in you.

Buy Some Time

If you feel that you just need a second to get your thoughts together, you can stall for some time. Do this by repeating the question back to your interviewer in different words. This shows them that you’re just trying to get some clarity on what has been asked. It also gives you a little time to put things together in your head. If, however, you really need to think about a question, just tell your interviewer. Tell them that you would like some time to think about it, and ask them to come back to that question. At the end of the interview, even if they forget, you can bring it up in the Thank-You email that you should definitely write after the interview.


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