How An Unassuming Post Turned J.Derobie Into The Poster Boy For Mr Eazi’s Empawa

J.Derobie in Emergers 2020. Photo Credit:
J.Derobie in Emergers 2020. Photo Credit:

We all know the story of J.Derobie and how he blew. One unassuming video on Twitter blew people’s minds with its content and ever since that moment, his life changed forever.

In his Emergers 2020 interview with, J.Derobie talked about that fateful period. He had uploaded his entry for Mr Eazi’s Empawa 100 on Twitter. The song was something he had written yet hadn’t recorded and he was hopeful it will get selected but…the love he received was something he did not expect even for a second!

“I felt their energy, the love … the feeling, I cannot really explain. My phone was buzzing!!! Everyone was liking it then I saw Popcaan also came to like it. Ei. The other Jamaican stars like Kranium, Conscience were all reacting to it and I was like wow. I listen to these people, learn from them and I never imagined they will be reacting to my video.”

J.Derobie//Emergers 2020

Getting to meet Mr Eazi was one of JDerbie’s dreams. He remembers telling someone the artiste he would love to work with will be Mr Eazi. He had no idea that months later, he will be discovered by Mr Eazi. He recalled his first meeting with Mr Eazi after being selected for Empawa 100 in 2018.

“I was so shy I covered my eyes in front of him. I had never met a big star up close like this so I was so so shy, the tension was too much”

The name, JDerobie is actually a mix of his real name, Derrick (Dero) Obuobi (bi) Junior (J). It was a name he gave to himself in Dagbon State Senior High School.

At that time he was a budding rapper, singer, dancer and artist.

“I used to draw so well people will surround me and be watching me. I was a good dancer too. I loved music, loved dancing. I used to go out to Gbonyo parties to dance because I was a good dancer. My boys and I will stay out all night dancing and get home at 3 am to sleep lol”

But…for singing, it was a young lady who lived in his compound growing up that sparked his interest in singing. She was in her church choir and used to sing their songs every morning. Young Derobie heard that and thought he could sing as well as her too and just like his other talents, it all came easily to him.

J.Derobie//Emergers 2020

He became very interested in music talent shows as well. From American Idol to Vodafone Icons to all the music talent shows you could think of, JDerobie says he spent nights watching them with his mother, arguing over their favourites and sometimes, battling out their singing talents together. He admitted he learned a lot from those shows and even hoped that someday he might be on stage too

” I always wanted to go to MTN Hitmaker. Watching Kidi made me want to go but I never really got the information I needed for those shows. Information on auditions etc so I never got the chance to participate”

JDerobie is clearly multi-talented although he made it clear that his art wasn’t as good as it used to be and his rap skills have gone rusty. He decided to pursue music as a career after Senior High School and says he went through the same struggle as other upcoming artistes…not having enough money to pay for studio time ad more. There was even a time where a producer called to tell him he had lost all of his data and JDerobie’s music was all lost.

That didn’t faze JDerobie. He kept writing music and even had a spot at the beach behind his house in Nungua where he sat to think up ideas. In fact, it was in this very spot that he got the well-known chorus to his first hit single, Poverty.

“I wrote Poverty in 2018. It took me close to a month to finish it because I kept taking verses out and putting some back in. As for the chorus, it came to me at the beach behind my house one night in Nungua”

The young artiste who dropped out of IPMC where he was studying Systems Analysis says he understands the need for school and hopes to go back one day. This time he would want to study communications or take a course in Entrepreneurship to support his music career. He has hopes of going into business as well aside from music and it is obvious how much of Mr Eazi has rubbed off on him.

“Oh, Mr Eazi has influenced me a lot. He is a big brother, a father and a boss to me”

J.Derobie//Emergers 2020

JDerobie has more music plans tho. He’s looking forward to collaborating with more GH artistes as well as Jamaican artistes as well. For him, he has no plans of sticking to just one genre of music.

He explained he loves Dancehall and will do Dancehall music but will also do afrobeats to stay true to his African heritage.

“Because of how I started…I was making music but I was doing both afrobeats and dancehall so I am not going to change any time soon. Secondly, I grew up here in Africa. We grew up listening to Afrobeats and I do not want to move away from something we identify with”.

Watch An Amazing Session With J.Derobie, The Poster Boy For Mr.Eazi’s Empawa Below:


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