Gifty Anti Goes Home After 14-Day Mandatory Quarantine

Television personality, Gifty Anti has finally been allowed to go home to her husband and daughter after going through a mandatory 14-day quarantine.

Gifty Anti was part of the 1,030 travellers who were quarantined by the government as part of measures to curb the spread of coronavirus.

Out of the 1,030 travellers who were quarantined, 80 tested positive for the virus and 950 tested negative. Gifty Anti is one of the 950.

She shared a photo of her second test results which proved that she was negative before she was allowed to go home.

She also shared a video of her leaving her hotel room with the room number 5005 at the African Regent Hotel.

Though she is out of quarantine, it does not mean she is immune.

“I am going to be wise and do the right thing. I WILL FOLLOW THE PROTOCOLS AND STAY AT HOME,” she said.


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