Battle of the Robbers: Would You Go For Scofield or The Professor?

Students who are active fans of movies will always debate on whether the Professor of La Casa de Papel, the Netflix production movie or Scofield of Prison Break is better when it comes to planning robberies.

Some fans of Scofield have it that Scofield used a very small amount of time to plan on how to escape all those prisons and drew all the blueprints of those prisons on his body before getting arrested.

On the other hand professor of La casa started working on his mission from childhood and hence Scofield is better.

Also, Scofield started without anyone but he knew very well the people he wanted to get on board even before prison. Scofield indeed is a gem.

Fans of Professor of La Casa will also say he was able to break the world’s most protected treasury without any military tools but all through planning.

Some say the guard at the prison cannot be compared to the military and police guarding a treasury.

And also what dey bost squad demma brain is the fact that Professor knows all that will happen in the process of his mission and how he can overturn things when he gets a problem.

Well, well, well many thoughts to go around.

We will like to know which of these two you think is better at planning robberies.


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