8 Communication Skills That Will Get You Hired

Positive Body Language

Nonverbal communication is more present in our interactions than verbal communication. Your body language, that is, the eye contact that you make, the hand gestures you use, the tone of your voice and your posture all affect the way that what you’re saying is perceived. Bad body language can work against you during a job interview. You can also use body language to your advantage. Appear confident and you will be perceived as confident. Paying attention to other people’s body language can also give you insights into how they are really feeling.

Saying Exactly What Needs To Be Said

People appreciate conciseness, especially in professional environments. You need to find the perfect balance in how much you say. You don’t want to talk too much, and you also don’t want to say too little. Try to convey your entire message in as few words as possible. Be direct and don’t leave any room for confusion. When you keep beating around the bush and talking too much, it gets to a point where your listener starts tuning you out. If you’re storytelling in an interview, be aware of how long you’re going to talk for. Going on for too long will be a turn-off for your interviewer. It’s a good idea to think about what you want to say before you say it.


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