8 Communication Skills That Will Get You Hired

Communication is a very important part of carrying out any job role. There are various communication skills that you can highlight on your CV and during job interviews that will increase your chances of getting the job. Demonstrating these skills during the hiring process will make a good impression on a hiring manager. They are also good for impressing your boss and your teammates once you’re hired. These are the communication skills that you should work on developing.


One of the basics of being a good communicator is listening. There is a difference between letting the other person talk and actually listening. People generally don’t enjoy conversations where they’re not heard. Nobody likes to talk to someone who is only waiting to make sure that their own point is heard. If you’re not a good listener it can be hard to understand what exactly your interviewer is saying. This is the reason why you should prepare for an interview. If you prepare, during the actual interview you aren’t focused on composing your answers. Instead, you’re actually able to listen to your interviewer. Listening also means asking for clarity when you have trouble understanding something.


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