Coronavirus: Ghanaian Invents Machine That Ensures Effective Handwashing

Handwashing has become a very important act in recent months due to the emergence of Coronavirus.

Health professionals and scientists have advised that handwashing should be strictly observed, as it’s one of the surest ways to avoid contracting the virus.

To make this whole act of handwashing during this period very easy, a Ghanaian has invented a handwashing system that will aid users wash their hands properly.

The system is made up of a barrel (painted with the colours on Ghana’s flag) which contains water for handwashing, a solar panel which pumps the water, sensors and an alarm that alert users on what to do.

In explaining how it works, the inventor said that when the hands of users approach the sensor, soapy water comes first through the tap before the water flows.

A 25 second interval is given to allow users use the soapy water to wash their hands properly before the water flows to complete the act… Very easy.

“Imagine we have this on all our streets with the Ghana flag on it. Very attractive. People will be attracted to wash their hands,” the inventor said.

Watch him demonstrate how the handwashing machine works:


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