Your Coworkers Hate You… Or Don’t You Even Know?

Succeeding at work is one thing that we all inherently want. After all, we spend so much time at work, and it’s where a lot of our energy goes. That being said, is succeeding at work only measured by how well we carry out our responsibilities? That actually isn’t the case for most of us. Instead, happiness at work means that we do well at our jobs and simultaneously do well at our office relationships. Our job satisfaction ends up including how we’re perceived by our colleagues. Whether or not we feel we’re liked by our coworkers affect our quality of life in our workplaces. As a result of professional politeness, it can be difficult to tell how your coworkers feel about you. Here are some ways to know whether your coworkers hate you.

They Are Dismissive Of You

It’s just basic human nature to spend more time and interact with people that we like. On the other hand, we tend to avoid people that we don’t like. If you find a coworker avoiding you whenever they can at work, it means that they’re probably not a big fan of you. The same is true if they are constantly trying to keep your interactions as brief as possible.


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