This Is How TTU’s Gem Akakpo Plans On Staying On Track In This Corona Season As A Final Year Student

This corona season has not only affected economic activity but put a halt to all educational programs as well.

In spite of the e-learning thing, we (students) know that it’s very difficult to be at home and study. It’s like drinking tea with a fork.

I would say the school administration has done well by suggesting and implementing the e-learning even though we won’t learn(let’s be honest, most won’t) but least we know they haven’t forgotten about us.

So for some of us who still find it hard to concentrate during this free period, here are some things I do to manage my time well as a final year student.

It’s good to have your day planned out so you can be prepared for any uncertainty. So it’s best to sleep early on some days and have some other days where you can be a nocturnal animal.

I have chosen 4 out of the 7 days of the week for serious stuff. I use Monday to Thursday. On Sunday nights I sleep early and wake up on Monday by 5:00 am (what?! Some of us are just morning people) I spend about 15 mins to do my devotion and commit my day into the creator’s hands. I use 30 mins for exercising and stretching. By 6:00 am I should have taken my bath and start doing any house chores.

Usually, by 9:00am I’m done and have breakfast and browse through social media.
If I have any articles to write, I spend about an hour or 30 mins or them. Now to the learning aspect. I have some slides and the course outline for the semester so it’s best if you read something for an hour on the subject.

If you have to study about 5 courses then pick two a day so by Thursday, you can revise any subject you didn’t understand. Throughout the 4 days, I try to maintain the same schedule even tho I may slack on a few days.

But don’t forget that we will eventually go back to school and we wouldn’t want to be taken out by surprise when academic work kicks off rapidly.

Concerning my project work, thank God for technology! Because of computers, we don’t have to meet our supervisors physically to communicate with them. Every Friday I send a chapter of my project work to my supervisor through his email, as per his request and he sends back any corrections I need to make. I edit and send it back within 3 days. It is hectic but sure it is effective as well.

That aside, on Friday to Sunday you can have a marathon and watch those movies or tv series you couldn’t see throughout the week.
We all pray and hope this corona ends soon but until then, don’t forget to sanitize and stay at home.


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