Ladies! These Are The Clothes You Should Be Taking Advantage Of This Quarantine Period


This quarantine period is one for the books. Who would have thought that we could suspend doing a lot of things that we mostly thought we couldn’t live without.

Working from home? Schooling online? Just plain existing without being in touch with other human lives.
Well, during this period when we are home, there’s one thing most ladies are happy about… Not wearing a bra!

Well apart from that and a couple of other things. Tight jeans trousers, wearing uniforms, wearing tight shoes which keep pinching your toes not because they aren’t your size, but because you’ve been wearing shoes, over and over and over again!

During this quarantine period, the woman who washes for you wouldn’t be able to make it and if you wash yourself, we can guarantee that you will feel too lazy to do so but that’s why we are here.
Let us show you how to wear as little as possible and what clothes to wear as you’re staying home.

  1. Your boyfriend’s T-shirt

This is the first clothing option because well… we know you miss him. Your boyfriend’s shirt is probably bigger than you so it covers your body well. In as much as you cannot wear only this outside, it’s quite decent to wear if you live with your family members. When going out of your room, you can pair it with shorts if you like.

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