Coronavirus: This 13-Year-Old Boy Creates Nose Mask For Rural Folks

“Necessity”, it is said, “is the mother of invention.”

This is apt in the wake of Covid-19, as the young and old find ways to address price hikes of protective materials.

For rural dwellers, such materials can be a luxury. 

Thankfully, a 13-year-old boy, a Junior High student at Ejura in the Ashanti Region, is providing relief by using printed wax design and Kente to produce nose masks.

Hamisu Yussif’s creation made of local fabric is reusable.

It is made from just one-sixth standard material with straps that fit over a user’s face and which covers both the nose and mouth.

It has some amount of airtight mechanism that allows user to breathed in or out.

“Users can always wash it in boiling water or with approved disinfectants. It provides more safety with less material, and is more endurable in the long term,” Hamisu said.

Besides schooling, he has learnt how to sew by himself.

Nobody taught him; he observes and monitors how it is done in a shop near his family house.

About a week ago, his uncle showed him a YouTube video of how a nose mask is done and asked him if he could do same.

Hamisu answered in affirmative and that was how the idea started.

It takes at least 15 minutes for the young boy to design one. He makes about 20 pieces in a day.

Hamisu’s uncle supplies him with materials to produce the nose masks.

Hamisu dreams of becoming a scientist – the reason he makes the local nose masks for Covid-19 campaign team to make their work safer and easier.

Medical Doctor Mensah Manye said “It’s brilliant. I think he needs to be encouraged to do more.”

Dr Manye, who practises at Ejura Government Hospital, noted that the masks, which have a good lifespan could help several vulnerable who can’t afford to continuously buy them in times like this.

Hamisu wants to produce more to be able to supply to surrounding communities in Ejura.

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source: Joy News

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