5 Mobile Games That Make You More Productive With School And Work

Mobile is actually a lucrative platform for game developers. As a result, there are so many different types of games to cater to the various types of people that use an app store. There are shooters that turn your phone into a miniature console, there are RPGs and there are puzzle games. However, there is a genre of games that make you sharper. Brain training games are designed to condition your mind to be more attentive and better in general. Here is a list of games that will stimulate your brain and make you more productive at work.

Mind Games – Brain Training Games

Yeah, this one doesn’t have the best title but it’s an amazing game. The app comes with a huge library of brain training exercises that will help you overcome a short attention span, focus better on tasks and even practice memory improvement. The free version of the app limits your access to some of the games, but the ones available are still great for brain training.


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