Social Media Is Celebrating This Military Man For His Exceptional Service To Ghanaian Citizens

Lt. Col. Michael Mfum

The lockdown and the fear of contracting the virus are weighing heavily on our mental health.

There is a feeling of desperation among many.

However, in such hard times, simple acts of kindness remind us that we are indeed humankind.

While there have been a number of stories of security officers punishing some Ghanaians who might be flouting the lockdown rules, there is this other story that is serving as an inspiration to many.

The singular act of Lt. Col. Michael Kwame Afreh Mfum to educate Ghanaians in public transport instead of punishing them during the lockdown has struck a national nerve and has made him social media famous.

A brief video has gone viral in which Lt. Col. Michael Mfum was recorded educating some citizens in a ‘Trotro’ as to why they need to stay home; save themselves and save others.

Lt. Col. Michael Mfum is reportedly the Commanding Officer of the 48 Engineers Regiment.

His willingness to use wisdom rather than the show of strength to educate the people in the ‘troski’ has indicated his humility and an acknowledgement that there is still room to educate rather than punish people during this partial lockdown.

A good heart always wins.


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  1. this kind of people are few in the system is better to humble yourself before your enemy .He play a great role among their colleague just know how to handle a situation amicably than his bones


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