Innocentia Dogbe The Corporate Woman Who Is Helping People With Disability

Innocentia Dogbe

Ghanaian women have been known to do well with multi-tasking and wearing different hats at the same time.

Innocentia Dogbe is no different.

She is the 2019 Fortune-US Department of State Global Women’s Mentoring Program alumna.

Today, Innocentia was celebrated by the US Embassy Ghana.

For her daytime work, she is the Head of Credit Cards for Standard Chartered Bank.

“Under her volunteer work as Country Champion and Council Secretary for Diversity and Inclusion in Standard Chartered, she works to ensure a more balanced opportunity for Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) in Ghana,” US Embassy wrote about her.

She helps to provide employability skills as well as speed mentoring to students and graduates with disabilities.

“Her work also results in increased awareness of the different types of disabilities and how best PWDs can be handled for them to feel respected and have a sense of fair treatment,” the US Embassy wrote.

According to Innocentia, the Fortune Mentoring program re-affirmed to her that authenticity and passion are key and she is no longer afraid to venture into what she believes she must be doing.

She also no longer hesitates to use her social capital to unlock the same for others; that is how the world gets better.

All the best to Innocentia.


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