Coronavirus: Bank Of Ghana Denies Minister Of Health’s ‘April Fool’ Joke About Its Hospital

Bank of Ghana Hospital

There was a social media uproar when the Minister of Health, Kwaku Agyemang-Manu said the Bank of Ghana Hospital will be used to treat only VIP patients who have contracted coronavirus.

The Health Minister had said during a press briefing on April 1 that the Bank of Ghana Hospital in Accra is reserved for only V.I.Ps and other staff of BoG who may contract Coronavirus.

He explained that the Ghana Government has no control over the Hospital hence they met, discussed and went into an agreement with the Bank of Ghana to release their hospital for use.

A lot of people asked questions about why a national facility funded with state money will be purposefully reserved for only the rich and mighty in the country.

It did not take 24 hours before the Bank of Ghana released a statement almost going back on what the minister had said.

“The Bank confirmed that it has been in discussions with the Ministry of Health to agree on an arrangement to avail parts of the facility, to assist in the treatment of severe and critical cases of COVID-19,” the statement read.

“This arrangement will be available for the benefit of the general public,” the Bank of Ghana stated.

This means no matter your status in society, if you’re critically ill with coronavirus, you can be treated at the Bank of Ghana Hospital.

That’s what a u-turn looks like.

See the full statement below:


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