6 Questions You Should Not Leave An Interview Without Asking

When you are interviewing for a job, it is easy to get caught up in what the interviewers think of you. You can forget entirely that you are also trying to gauge if the company will be a good fit for you. Here are some questions that you should ask that show interviewers that you’re genuinely thinking about yourself in a role. Asking these questions will also give you the information that you need to know.

Ask About Your Day-To-Day Responsibilities

Job descriptions will give you very broad generalisations of your duties in a company. They tell you the job that you’re going to perform. They don’t tell you how that job is performed at the company that you’re interviewing at. Asking about the day-to-day gives you an insight into the workplace procedures and daily expectations that you will have to meet.

Ask Your Interviewer What They Love About The Company

This question is important because it gives you an idea about your interviewer’s opinions on the company. If they are enthusiastic in answering, that’s definitely a place that you want to work. If they’re more guarded that should also tell you something about the place that you’re trying to work for.


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