5 Dresses To Wear For Date Night As Inspired By Efia Odo

Image via @efia_odo on Instagram

Every single time Efia Odo steps out, people will have to say something about her outfit.

It’s either she’s dressed too provocatively or they cannot believe that she has covered up. Well, this buttresses the saying that “Whatever you do, people will always talk” and if you’re in such a situation, you can do what Efia does. Just don’t care and do you and what makes you happy so far as you aren’t hurting anyone.

These dresses we chose from her are actually very safe choices and can be worn to various places including the club, dinner and even the movies.

If you think you would be cold in any of these outfit ideas, you can pair them up with a denim jacket or a blazer.

Check out some of the images


Image via @efia_odo on Instagram

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