Your Boss Is Unhappy With Your Work. Here’s How You Know

Bosses are usually very communicative, especially when they’re unhappy with our work. Sometimes, however, our bosses don’t outrightly express their dissatisfaction with our work. They show other behaviours which mean that they aren’t satisfied with what we’ve been doing. Here are some signs that your boss is not too impressed with you at work.

You’re Not Getting Any Feedback From Them

If your boss used to be critical and then stops all of a sudden, you should know that something is wrong. This is usually a sign that they’ve decided to stop investing their time in you. In a way, they’ve given up on you. You may like the way it feels to not have any pressure from them. However, in the long run, the way that your boss feels about you can affect your career and your advancement. If you feel that this is the case, you have to proactive in asking for feedback. Ask your boss for time and show them the progress you are making at work. Ask them for input on how you can be better. It’s in your best interest to initiate a feedback loop that gets them invested in you again.

You’re Being Micromanaged

Another sign that your boss doesn’t have a lot of faith in your work is that they micromanage you. They don’t let you do things on your own. Instead, they define every step for you and make sure that they supervise all those steps as well. If that is not how your boss behaves with everyone, then it means that they may have issues with your work.

You’re Denied New Projects

If every time there is an exciting new project at work, you are passed over for it, you may not be doing too much to impress your boss. If you’ve actually asked, and are denied, you may have a problem with your boss. Opening lines of communication with your boss is the best way to address. When you’re passed over for a project, ask your boss what you can do in order to be considered for something similar in the future.

Your Boss Rechecks Your Work

Your boss checking your work thoroughly is a sign that they don’t trust your skills. Doing this takes time that could be used for other things. So, if they feel the need to recheck your work it means that they have no confidence in your work.

Your Boss Passes Negative Comments About Your Work

Sometimes your boss will pass jokes and little comments about you or the way that you carry out your work. Even these jokes mean that there might be areas in the way that you carry out your work that need to be improved.

Your Work Is Reassigned

At this point, it should be obvious to you that your boss has problems with the way you’re carrying out your work. If a project that you’re working on, or that you’ve worked on, is reassigned to someone else you need to take a closer look at the way that you’re performing in your role. Your boss’ confidence in you shouldn’t be so low that they reassign work that has been assigned to you.

It is a good idea to keep an eye out for your boss’ behaviour where you’re concerned. There can be signs as to how you’re performing, and whether you need to be doing more at work.


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