Is It Okay To Use Colours On Your CV?

Your CV is arguably the most important document in the entire job application process. As such, a lot of people would prefer to play it safe and go with a monochromatic look for their CV. While that is not a bad idea, you should know that at the end of the day the content of your CV matters more than how you present it. Adding colour to your CV can be a way to differentiate from others that are applying for a position. According to Forbes, there’s a place for colour on any CV irrespective of the position you’re applying for. However, inappropriate use of colour can be obnoxious. Here are some guidelines for using colour on your CV.

Use Colour Sparingly

You need to be careful about how you use colour on your CV. Too much colour and you come off as unprofessional. You are trying to be modern, not playful. Apply colours to your headings and subheadings.

The Best Colours To Use

The best colours for your CV are grey, beige or blue. These colours are softer and will be less jarring than bright colours like gold or pink.

Print Out Your CV In Black And White

When you’re done applying colours to your CV, you should print it out in black and white. Not all hiring managers will print a CV out in its coloured format. You want to make sure that the monochrome version of your CV holds up.

Do Not Use Too Many Colours

Your CV is not supposed to be entertaining or fun. It is supposed to be professional, and your use of colour is only supposed to show that you understand the times. Stick to just two or three colours (and yes, this includes black).

Do Not Use Background Colour Or Highlights

You do not want to overwhelm your CV with colour. Don’t use highlights or use a colour for your background. This will not only affect the readability of your CV, but it will also put the hiring manager off.

If you are applying for a job in a creative field, these rules don’t apply to you. For instance, if you’re applying for a graphic design gig you should be able to use your CV as a way to market your skills.


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