Different Ways To Wear A Blazer As Told By Karen Kash

Image via @karenkashkane on Instagram

A blazer is that one fashion item you never really think you need, but you really do. Wearing a blazer can give your fashion choices the elevation needed.

Blazers are not just for the office anymore. They can be paired with different outfit choices to give you the perfect look.

A look through Karen Kash’s Instagram page will give you new ideas as to how to wear blazers.

  1. Wearing it as a normal two-piece
Image via @karenkashkane on Instagram

Sometimes, blazers come with a pair of pants. You can get a spaghetti-strapped top to wear with the 2-piece so when you find yourself in a hot environment, you can just remove the blazer. Getting a 2-piece is a win-win because you can later pair just the blazer with another outfit or wear the pants separately as well.

Image via @karenkashkane on Instagram

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