5 Benefits Of Having A Boss Who Actually Likes You

It’s common sense that you want your boss to like you. A good relationship with your boss affects how you interact with them. A bad relationship with your boss could actually make you want to leave your job. It makes work all the more unbearable. However, a good relationship comes with some benefits. Here they are.

You’re Happier At Work

Having a good relationship with the person above you at work generally makes your job more pleasant. When they give you more work, it feels less like they are putting a burden on you, and more like you’re helping out in your mutually beneficial relationship. You are also less likely to be thinking about an exit strategy.

You’re More Enthusiastic With Your Contributions

A good relationship with your boss can be a source of motivation. When you feel good about your working environment, you want to work harder and smarter in order to contribute to the success of your brand. Your performance will naturally improve, along with the relationships that you have with your coworkers.

You Get Better Feedback

When you establish a certain level of trust with your boss, them giving you feedback doesn’t feel like they’re attacking you. You are better able to understand what they’re saying, instead of being defensive. This constructive criticism will help you grow in your role. It also becomes easier to approach your boss when you have problems with your work.

You Become More Trusted

A good relationship with your boss comes with their trust and their confidence in your skills. They will also have confidence in your loyalty to the company, your honesty and your integrity. It becomes easier to assign sensitive tasks to you.

You’re More Likely To Get Raises And Promotions

A good relationship with your boss means that they are more likely to listen to your request for a raise. It also means that when opportunities present themselves at your company they’re more likely to recommend you for those opportunities. If your relationship is good, they’ll be in your corner.

Your relationship with your boss will directly affect your job satisfaction. It’s definitely something that you should spend your time cultivating.


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