3 Tips To Beat Work From Home Procrastination

Working from comes with a certain level of responsibility and accountability to yourself. There’s no one to supervise you, and boy are there a lot of distractions. You can rush to make your deadlines at the last minute, or you can follow these tips to get ahead of your workload.

Use A Reward System

At the end of the day, we are more child-like than we would like to admit. Promising yourself rewards as you would a child is actually an effective way to get things done. You just have to schedule a time structure that will work for you. One that’s easy is working for 25 minutes, and then taking 5 minutes off as a reward. This way, even when your work becomes dull, you know you can keep going until it’s time for your break.

Break Down Your Tasks

If your tasks are too big, it can become difficult to muster the motivation that you’ll need to get them done. So, instead, why don’t you try breaking down your big objectives into way smaller tasks that you can manage easily. By accomplishing those small tasks you motivate yourself because you actually are making progress.

Do A Mental Warm-Up First

Another way to get yourself into your work is to do a mental warm-up first. And no, Twitter and Facebook don’t count. You can start your day with a bit of reading. Seeing properly structured and well-expressed ideas can put you in the mood to do some good work yourself. Reading isn’t for everybody though. Maybe you can draw, or you might even prefer to solve a crossword puzzle. You can also try Elevate, an app that focuses on brain training through fun exercises.

Procrastination can have you jumping from deadline to deadline. Your environment doesn’t force you to work like the way things would be in the office, and there isn’t a supervisor breathing down your neck. Learn to manage yourself and be more productive.


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