VIDEO: Listen Up Men – Wanlov Wants You To Wash Your Hands Before And After You Pee

Wanlov the Kubolor

All of us, we want to believe, are taking safety precautions so that you don’t catch coronavirus.

Since the infection gained global attention, a lot of safety tips and advice have been shared by health experts.

We’ve been told to wash our hands under running water regularly, sanitize our hands often, do not touch our faces and stay away from people.

Tonight, Wanlov has shared another key advice that the health experts might have missed, perhaps.

This advice from Wanlov is particularly essential for sexually active men.

According to the musician, before a man pees, he must wash his hands and wash his hands after he pees.

Yeah… our parents have drummed the wash your hands after you pee practice in us, what is new here is washing your hands before you pee.

The logic here is that if your hands are carrying the virus, which is why the health experts recommend frequently washing our hands, but you do not wash your hands before you pee, chances are you would transfer the virus onto your penis.

With the virus on your penis, you are likely to pass it onto your wife or girlfriend during sexual intercourse – either penetration or when you’re receiving a blow job.

To prevent your penis from becoming a carrier of the virus, it’s best that you wash your hands before you touch it – which is something you do when you want to pee.

Watch Wanlov’s advice below:

It makes a whole lot of sense, innit?


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