KNUST: SRC Aspirants Take Advantage Of School Break To Push Campaign Messages


Hey, there peeps! Hope we are all safe, indoors and adhering to basic hygiene practices. Since the shutdown of all universities and schools in the country, it has brought an abrupt halt to various activities on campus especially the SRC presidential elections.

Both Aspirants and the whole student population were looking forward to being voted into power or cast their vote for their favourites respectively.

Despite the unfortunate turn of events, some aspirants have still kept the flame burning by doing little groundworks and bolstering all weak spots in their campaigns, to secure them the position.

They are using social media to get in touch with the people and get them on board with their ideas and policies which will be rolled out once they are elected.

Those who are also nowhere to be seen in the race, have also changed their methods and are restructuring and coming back stronger.

We hope we come back from the break soon, to partake in such a wonderful display of political prowess and intellect and see who gets to lead the student populace under the umbrella of The SRC.

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