9 Times Sarkodie Was On A Phone Call Or Sipping Wine For A Photo


Sarkodie seems to be on a never-ending call in ALL of his photos!

Granted, we do the weirdest poses for photos and it looks like the superstar Sarkodie is just like all of us!

You know that thing you do where you tell a friend to take a photo of you while you do some unlooking thing like… make a fake phone call?

Looks like that is Sarkodie’s favourite pose!

Just take a look!

He admitted it here…

And well…we agree he does look good on a phone call.

But lol his unlooking poses are always so good!

Even when he’s far away, you’ve got to get that shot!

Image via Instagram (@Sarkodie)

Phone call poses aside, we noticed something else.

Click on the numbers below!

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