This Is How Long The Coronavirus Lasts On Different Surfaces Before It Becomes Inactive

The air: up to 3 hours

An average cough can produce as many as 3,000 droplets and a single sneeze can make up to 40,000 so…imagine someone carrying the virus releases this into the air? The virus can remain active for up to 3 hours!

Steel: 2 to 3 days

This includes handrails in some buses, staircases, doorknobs and more.

Fabric: up to 24 hours

Plastic: 2 to three days

This includes your phone cases, some items you bought from the market and supermarket for the lockdown, rubbers, plastic bags, laptops etc.

Click the numbers below to find out more surfaces and how long the virus lasts on them as well as how to keep these surfaces safe!


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